Sunday, November 25, 2012

This week-Nov 26- Dec 2 ....Enjoy!!!

Dear All,

This week we have ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL,ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL delivering us the following messages.
ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL(Bright Pink)says,"Put your energy into basics and let go of excess.Simplify your life".
This card says that things have gotten too complex for you lately,it's time to pull back and focus on what you want for sure.For example what you do want,what you do not want?These are basic things which will hep u answer bigger questions later.This card also implies because there's  a need to declutter-whether its your room,a closet,or a messy relationship.When you clean the space around you,your energy also increases.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL says,"Your thoughts and actions are in the right direction towards achieving your life's purpose and inner peace.You've been carefully listening to your guidance from within and the Angels applaud you for following it faithfully.Keep up the good work and listen to your inner guidance,even if others don't understand.Trust that you will be financially supported as you move forward with your plans.It is a good time to begin a new project:start a business,pick up a  book or make positive lifestyle change.

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL says,"Call upon Jesus if faced with any health issues.Jesus is the Divine healer and his healing is present in you.He brings non-denominational healing to all who call upon him,with unconditional love and forgiveness.Your prayers for help have been heard and answered and ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL and JESUS 'S help is supporting  your peace and well-being.Jesus's teachings focused upon the healing power of faith,so this card is also a call to trust and have faith in miracles and blessings.

We must remember that we truly are all connected and must not wait for a moment of crisis to occur to express our feelings to the other person.The moment is now.If u are unhappy about things in your life,the only way to feel good again is to focus outward to other human beings,to make them happy.In that the light shines back on you.You were never meant to be an isolated entity,hiding your light and  so go forward fearlessly.God,The Angels,The Ascended Masters are with you.You are never alone.
And stay connected to your source;who u really matter who believes in you and who doesn't.You do,right?
When you desire something that you do not believe is possible,you are not in alignment.When you desire something that you want and are feeling unhappy about it,you are not in alignment.But when u feel good about your desires and believe that it will manifest,today or tomorrow and are enthusiastic about it,then you are in perfect alignment with your source.If u have the desire...if u feel good about your dreams,the universe will provide.So put your attention on what you need,what u want and let go of all that u don't.Go on a positivity diet ad know that all u have to do is ask the beautiful Archangels to intervene and give them permission to do so.Allow them in and things will work out,just the way u want them to.

And stay in Gratitude...always count your blessings.
Expressing gratitude for the miracles in your world is one of the best ways to make each moment of your life a special one.
If you correct your mind,the rest of your life will fall into place.
-Lao Tzu

Sending all the readers my best.
Have a beautiful week.
Love Light and a shower of Angel Blessings

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Angel Therapy.

My dear all,
As we all know 'Humanity' is going through a very exciting, but challenging time. These are the birth pains. With Archangel Michael by your side, you and your loved ones will receive the necessary things  and  protection and unconditional love as we prepare for a better age.
Archangel Michael is a very real cosmic being that serves on planet earth as humanities protector.

Revered in both eastern and western religions (Archangel Michael is found in the Koran, Torah and the Bible), Archangel Michael serves as protector of humanity and God's will for planet Earth.

This is just to let everyone know how significant and powerful 'Archangel Michael' is throughout history and today, why the time is Now for you to create a relationship with Archangel Michael and how one can  do so.
So if you are having difficulty in connecting with the Archangels, feel free to contact me for a course on Angel Therapy.
Just making sure that everyone knows that this course can be done online as well  and is equally beneficial as our Archangels are beyond the confines of space and time.They bend the laws of physics as they are energies,messengers of God and celestial in their presence;do not  have physical bodies and are recognized by color of their energies,completely unaffected by laws of gravity-The time space reality.So whether working/connecting  with them online or in person,it is exactly the same.
And if u need a Reading,its 18 usd that is Rs 1000 for a Reading.

Do read  the info given under 'About Angelic Tarot' as it will give an insight on the various questions Tarot can answer.
Course on TAROT CARD READING also available now.

So  inbox me on facebook( or on

Love Light and a shower of Angel Blessings! ♥