Monday, March 26, 2012

This week March26-April1- 2012.Weekly Messages From The Angels-Enjoy!!

Dear all,


AA HANIEL(SKY-BLUE)says that your power comes from staying centered in a feeling of joy.Ask your Angels for guidance to make any changes u can make to bring more joy into your life and the life of others.If you are feeling trapped and victimized in any way,the Angels can ease your burdens.A joyful outlook brings the freedom you desire,while your responsibilities are simultaneously met.And therefore release or heal any parts of your life that aren't joyful.Release fears while manifesting,instead focus on the feeling of joy as if your desire was already a reality.

ARCHANGEL RAGUEL(SEA-GREEN)says that this card comes to u because the Angels see your desire for romance.Instead of fixing the externals in your love life,they assist u internally.The Angels say that romance springs from falling in love with life itself.When u let the Angels awaken this love within u,you naturally attract n experience more romantic love in your relationships.Give any emotional hurt to the Angels and ask ARCHANGEL MICHAEL to help you release any painful attachments to previous or current lovers.Clearly decide what you desire in your love life.Affirm:Its safe for me to love n be loved.

 You have the power to choose your thoughts and align them with love,peace and harmony.This powerful law can help u improve the situation u may be inquiring about.Complaints and worry only attract more of the same so elevate your thoughts(with the help of the Angels)to attract what you desire.Rise up to level of the person u wish to attract.As your spiritual energy increases,you will find yourself less attracted to lower energies in relationships and situations.The Angels will lovingly help u deal with these endings and beginnings.

So my dear all,i hope that the energies of this week help us all collectively shift into a higher vibration in order to bring us peace,joy and prosperity.The old paradigm of thoughts must be replaced by unconditional love and oneness.In situations which u  feel are beyond your control;place the Angels in every aspect of your life...without worrying..without  a trace of doubt and without judging.Remember each one,is going through their own and compassion could really help situations get better,almost miraculously.

LOve u all and have a bright and elevated weekend.
Angel Blessings

Friday, March 23, 2012

This week March18-March25- 2012.Weekly Messages From The Angels-Enjoy!!

Dear all,
I hope we had a good week and are ready for another spectacular one.
This week we have ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL,ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and ARCHANGEL ARIEL delivering these messages.
JOPHIEL-BRIGHT PINK- says,"Sometimes due to what some people may have said to us,we block our manifestations as those words become a part of our belief system n we feel we don't deserve it.It's time to let go of what these 'others' may think...but truly get in touch with your authentic self;your source energy must be tapped into now in order to reap the rewards of being so patient.Believe that you DESERVE to receive good in all ways".
If feeling upon this wonderful Angel to help u connect with yourself and her supreme energy and set you free.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL-DEEP PURPLE-says,"Move ahead fearlessly..for it is time to move on and shine.Dont shy away from your gifts.They are seeds sown by the creator...must u hide anymore?!?
You are alerted to the fact that u need to make room for the new by letting go of the call it quits,in your heart.You already know it is neither making you happy,nor is it serving your highest good.
Try and make these changes in a peaceful and harmonious way and don't hesitate to ask MICHAEL or HEAVEN to help u with this transition.Put all your energy in prayer and faith and leave the rest to the infinite spirit.You will get definite guidance whenever it is time to take action.Until then,stay lovingly detached from your old situation.

ARCHANGEL ARIEL-SOFT SHADE OF PINK-says,"An unforeceen windfall of new abundance comes to you now!"
Remain in a state of Gratitude,the most powerful emotion;the more u feel it and it resonates in your consciousness the quicker the manifestation.Actually not just to attain more but to be genuinely be thanful for all that u have.A roof over your head,food on the table,friends,family...nature...and the universe that is always communicating with u via signs.Agreed it ain't always easy but infinite patience reaps immense rewards.Affirm frequently,"Thank you for all of the support,supply,abundance and money that u bring to me.I am grateful for these riches,which i use in Divine ways to bring blessings to Mother Earth."
Your supply may show up in the form of money or it may come in new opportunities,briliant ideas or gifts from others.Bless and honor Heaven's gifts however they come to u.Your gratitude ensures continual,overflowing abundance in your life.

Now i may have written this before but i'd like to reiterate(since its worked so well for me)-When u spend time pondering,remembering or imagining something that u want to have in your reality,a vibration is activated within you.If you return to that thought,you again activate the vibration.The more often you revisit the thought,the more familiar the vibration becomes and it i easier for you to activate it,until eventually it becomes a dominant vibrational pattern,things that match it begin to show up in your experience.And so it is very important to watch your thoughts...positive thinking creates a healthy mind and body and the fact is Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.

In dwelling, live close to the ground.
In thinking, keep to the simple.
In conflict, be fair and generous.
In governing, don't try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely present.
-Lao Tzu

So my dear all,i hope u have a wonderful week.
Wishing everyone lots of love,light and Angel Blessings.
Be well.
Love you all.

Monday, March 5, 2012

This week March 5 to March 11-2012...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
This week we have ARCHANGEL URIEL and ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL with us.
The first card that i picked up is titled as 'DEFINITELY YES'.THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION IS A STRONG YES.
ARCHANGEL URIEL(bright yellow))says that what you are asking about will definitely happen,provided that u keep your thoughts positive.You can bring about your desires more quickly by paying attention to thoughts, feelings,visions that repeat themselves to you.When this inner guidance asks you to take action,its important for you to do so.For instance if u have strong feelings to call a certain person,then don't hesitate,just make that call.So set aside doubts or worries,most importantly believe in you,and your desires are going to happen and probably in better-than expected ways.All u have to do is stay filled with faith and hope and take action when required.

Your body has been tense because the people around you are wound up too tight.This has made u think that you are the one who's stressed,when it's really them.Stress has some bad effects on you,such as making you feel angry or sad.You may also have some trouble sleeping.Stress can worsen things,so its important to let it go.Breathe in a deep gulp of air and think about all the things that make u feel stressed,then blow those things out,and the Angels and the Unicorns will take them to heaven where everything is fixed.Stretch ur arms n legs so that your body lets go of stress,too.Now think of something that makes you happy.You can talk to a friend,a pet to your Angels and the Unicorns.You do have the power to choose your thoughts and feelings.So choose to feel happy now.
As you go through life,you gain more responsibilities-one of the biggest is to decide what u want.
If u are feeling stuck,as if your life isn't moving along smoothly,then u need to make some clear decisions about what u want.Decisions are magical,in that they get things moving again.If you don't like the direction in which your life is going,you can examine your decisions to see if they need changing.The best decisions will make u feel happy and will make the people around happy too.
Listen to your true feelings,never be tempted to give in unless u feel its right,and if saying no means the other person wont like u anymore,doesn't matter.This card says u must only listen to you true feelings and decide what is right and what is wrong.You are the best judge...and the creator of your life.
If confused ask the Angels by making some quiet time for yourself to sort everything out inside,clarity inside only speeds up the manifestation in the outside world.

So my dear all,i wish u all a splendid week.
Sending u all my love,light and Angel Blessings