Monday, August 29, 2011

This week Aug 29 to Sept 4-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
This week we have ANGEL TERESA and ARCHANGEL URIEL with us.
The energy/color of ANGEL TERESA is 'Red'.Think of a beautiful red rose each time you call upon her.... and here is what she has to say...
"Dear one,you have been working very hard!You are very tired now,yet you keep pushing yourself to work more.
Go easy on yourself;take time to smell the flowers.Take time to love yourself.My color red signifies love-Self love..Self care and i am here to tell u to stop taking care of everyone else's needs,but it's time to take care of your own.
Cease working for a moment and take a respite.When u give too much to others at times like these,you become unbalanced.Your inner child years for nurturing and no one can give you that loving care but yourself and the Angels.So give yourself permission to take a much-needed-time-out.Please don't delay this guidance.We assure you that your responsibilities will be met and you will only gather new energy and ideas during your time-out.Please relax."

ARCHANGEL URIEL glows in sparks of 'Yellow' and he says,"Your emotions are healing,which enables you to greater love.I will help you release anger and unforgiveness from your heart and mind in order to clear away your emotional and psychological blocks.Call upon me to release old patterns so that you can attract new love..people into your life.
I also suggest to everyone to believe and start implementing the powerful Law of attraction(that which is like unto itself,is drawn) in your lives.
Remember me URIEL,everyday and also remember that whether you are thinking about wanted things or unwanted things,you are still sending out a 'request' to attract more things like the subject of your thought.And all things happen to you-all people,things,experiences,situations that come to you-come in response to your Vibrational invitation.
First try to make peace with where you are,perhaps by acknowledging that this unpleasant person has helped you become very clear about how you want to be treated and about how you want to treat others;look for the benefit of the relationship rather than pushing against unwanted aspects of it.Start by giving 'Gratitude' for this person for teaching you this enormous lesson in your life,keeping in mind that now it is time to leave and to move on to all that your heart truly desires."
The way to avoid repeating unwanted situations is to start talking 'only' about wanted situations.
Talk and think about what you do want and what truly makes you happy;the Law of Attraction will bring to you all that you desire-
This week is a week for reconciliations,celebrations and loving yourself:).

The world seems to be on fire;so much going wrong.Each one of us must contribute now!Simply by sending light to Mother Earth.Not just Light workers..this is a call for every human being,to stop war...stop all this fighting,ill-feelings amongst each other over religion..over money...over everything.Stop being so envious of the other person's happiness..stop trying to steal the other person's is time now to understand..that 'we' are all connected.We are ONE.Time to come together..and be there for each other,for the sake of humanity.As i always say,in form we may be different,but in essence we are all the same.

This week do take the time and pray for Mother Earth.
There are several ways in which you can send your Mother Earth  loving light. Upon your meditation you can send Unconditional Love and Light to the Earth. When you invoke your manifestations, you can visualize a beautiful new Earth in the way you feel with your heart it could be. Envision a new Earth that has clean air, pure water, animals that are not on the brink of extinction, and other areas that you would like to see an improvement. Envision this as part of your manifestations. The goodness and love in your intent is felt by your Earth Mother.

The Angels are with you...if you feel you are encountering health issues,call upon AA RAPHAEL..he is a miracle worker..
If you are going though painful upon AA JEREMIEL to heal 'everyone' of the hurt,in the situation  involved,not just you.

Love is all around you..and the Angels have been sent by God..for be there,whenever you call upon them.
Angels have unlimited time,energy and resources.It's their sacred honor to help you in whatever way brings you peace;you can ask for their help as often as you like,without any fear of wearing them out.They love it,when you call upon them:).

Sending everyone all my love and wishes for a great week ahead.
Angel Blessings.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

This week Aug 22 to Aug 28-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
This week we have ANGEL SHANTI and ANGEL RAPHAEL communicating with us.
The energy/color of ANGEL SHANTI is a lovely shade of 'Peach'...and she says,"I am the Angel Of Peace.I bring you new tranquility and a smoother road ahead.
You have been through turmoil and your soul is tired.Your mind craves peace and quiet and i am  here to help you with that desire.I will give you new opportunities to spend time alone,where u can relax your mind and your heart.Call upon me as much as you can and i will be there."

ANGEL RAPHAEL says,"Your prayers have been heard and answered.We,the Angels are working behind the scenes to effect the miracle you have requested.Stay filled with faith and trust,as it is being rewarded."
RAPHAEL as we all know is one of the most powerful Healing Angel:glows Emerald Green.
Call upon him for healing any physical ailments/health conditions that some of you may experience this week.He also suggests that the health condition you may be concerned about right now can be resolved by increasing your water intake .There seems to be dehydration involved,which has lowered your energy and is creating imbalances...thereby making you feel restless,uneasy and drained out.

Elaborating a little more on what it is that the Angels want us to keep in mind for this week especially...
People from the past may appear,stay on your guard.Don't let your emotions get the better of you..and most importantly trust the inner guidance u have received already for the existing person/situation.
Don't bother too much about what people may say,that will only stunt our own spiritual what u feel in your heart is right and try not to worry too much about what others have to say.
In order to break free from a pattern,on a conscious level,you must learn to start saying 'no' to what u feel isn't right.
Audit yourself,speak up for yourself...success means not repeating those circles of pain.So put it away from you.
DO NOT give energy to it.
You must identify your God-center by yourself.
Sometimes our faith in our own selves is tested..those who don't stand with you-let them go!

Follow any feelings that guide you to make positive changes,even if they seem illogical or unrelated to your prayer request.If you are unsure whether the feelings are true guidance,ask the Angels for signs to validate them.
The Angels are stationed permanently by your side...and will never let you down.

There is a lovely prayer that SYLVIA BROWNE has written in one of her books that i am reading,yet again.
It goes something like this:"My soul is the land on which my house is built.There shall be no trespassing,looting,pillaging or plundering on this,my land."
Once the dignity of the soul rises up high enough,you will not be victimized anymore,you will never feel stuck..or helpless.
Stay in tune with yourself;be solid iron and not a jellyfish:).
As the saying goes,"Within your weakness lies your strength,sleeping.
Don't ever give up."

I wish everyone  a fabulous week.
Stay centered..and awake.
Trust your vibe.
Take your power back!!
Posting this beautiful Angel painted by Mari-Ann Kielsen Pedersen.Thank you my dearest.I admire your artwork immensely.

Love light and a shower of Angel Blessings

Monday, August 15, 2011

This week Aug 15 to Aug 21-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all!
This week we have ANGEL DANIEL and ANGEL CELESTE with us.
ANGEL DANIEL says,"Beloved one,i am the Angel of Marriage and i am assisting you right now.
You have called upon God to help in the area of marriage and he has sent me to your side.I am here to help u with a fulfilling marriage.The first area that i am helping you with is healing any past wounds related to marriage.In quiet moments i ask that you be willing to release any past wounds associated with your parents,your first love.I ask you to breathe out any negative feelings that may seem to cloud your mind and is causing you distress.Breathe in my energy and breathe out all sadness and heartache that your relationships may have caused you and u will feel the change in the way you will start to look at things henceforth."

ANGEL CELESTE says,"A happy move to a new home or place of employment is in the works.This movement will usher in positive new energy.Yes,it is time for a move.I am working with your other Angels to keep your spirit and energy high during this move.Although it may seem as if moving requires a lot of effort,when you work with me and the other Angels,it can actually be a time of great joy.I will help you find a new location and then i will assist you with necessary details.All i request is your trust;trust that God and the Angels are capable of finding the right place for you.Expect miracles to occur that allow you to afford this change.Stay positive."

Ask and it is given.All that your heart desires,make a list of that,so that your focus is only on what you need and not on what you don't.If your point of attention is a breakthrough solution,it will appear,similarly if your point of attention is blaming,accusing,being in a negative state,then you will only perpetuate more of that.
If these times seem unbearable..choose to stay in Gratitude.Gratitude that you have encountered this and the worst is over.Gratitude for all the little little things that you may have taken for granted..for e.g a roof over your head..your body that always functions so wonderfully..your family,your friends.
For the ones who have left you..let them go.No turning back.
Excuses begone!Have faith that if something has ended it is primarily because you have asked for more happiness,than what u had and unless u let go of the old,there is no place for newness to arrive.
Patience..perseverance is the key to a happy and a fulfilling life.If you look around,each one is going through something or the other,be there for the other in times of trouble,don't judge..for that you judge you will one day become.
Take full control of your life..don't let anyone stand in your way of happiness.
Introspect on your 'Dharma'..what is it that you have come to do..what is your purpose?Sure relationships are important..but what can no longer be ignored is that this is not the time for just helping yourself,the more people u can help along,the better you will feel.
Speak your truth.Keep ARCHANGEL MICHAEL with u in case you are  feeling intimidated or afraid of someone who has hurt you or let you down.Ask him to guide your words at the same time protect you from any harm.
The universe loves and supports the brave..go for it!
Keep charging ahead and expect miraculous solutions to appear.
Even if u feel all alone,please know,you never really are and that's the truth.Each one of us has at least 2 Guardian Angels and 1 Spirit guide with us at all times.Connect with them.Ask them for validation..signs.
They will never let you down.
Summon their help.
The best way is to simply ask them to intervene.
Also maybe pick up a book this 101 ANGELS by Doreen Virtue or SAVED BY AN ANGEL which has innumerous real life incidents where people were saved by Angels,rescued in crucial times.They are true stories by ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences.The more you read on the Angels,the more you will experience them in your day to day life.

I send everyone a beams of loving energy and a shower of Angel Blessings:).
May this week be an answer to all your prayers.
Love you all.
Stay well.